Sunsets: a color zentangle

color zentangle, doodle art

Even though I really like black and white doodles and zentangles, I like drawing color zentangles and doodles a lot too! Adding color to your doodle and zentangle art is fun and easy.

Doodling, coloring, and drawing are some of my favorites pastimes. So whenever I have some free time, I doodle something somewhere, even if it’s on a tiny dictionary page.

Motif-ation: a color zentangle with a purpose

My doodles and drawings are a mixture of improvised zentangles and carefully sketched and planned drawings. Some are a combination of both using different techniques and zentangle patterns. And, sometimes, I simply draw to practice a new technique, design, or motif.

These practice drawings, in general, are not really worth posting. Most of them are messy and I usually draw them in tiny pieces of paper that I want to recycle later on. Sometimes I just don’t like how they turn out. Of all my pastimes, drawing is the one that brings me the most satisfactions, but also the most headaches. I guess that’s what happens when you are a perfectionist.

Sunsets”, however, is different. It started as a practice drawing because I wanted to experiment blending colors and creating depth. But when I was done with it, I was quite pleased. It’s by no means one of my best, but it is one of my best practice drawings and my first color zentangle where I try blending colors.

Drawing supplies

As it is usually the case when I practice some new technique or design, I go crazy with the amount of supplies that I use.
For example, I used a fine point sharpie to draw lines and contours. And for coloring, I tried a mix of gel pens and metallic sharpies. But the most exciting part for me was the color blending part. I used watercolor pencils that I already had, and my new soft color pencils for shading and blending.

The old pocket dictionary page was the perfect choice for me to practice. On the one hand, I got the repurpose some paper. Most importantly, due to the small dimensions of the paper, I had to really focus on what I wanted to practice the most.


Zentangle hair

zentangle hair, zentangle art, drawing zentangles

I’ve been finding lately that zentangle hair is easy to draw and adds a nice effect to my doodles and drawings.

Doodling and drawing used to be my favorite pastime when I was a child. I remember that I even took drawing and painting lessons. However, for some reason or other, I stopped making art as I was growing up.

Luckily, I rediscovered my passion for drawing a few years ago. Since then, drawing and doodling have become more than a pastime.

A new challenge

When I designed “Naked Mane”, which is the name that I chose for this drawing, I was feeling very ambitious. But most of all, I was feeling quite nostalgic. I used to be quite good at drawing realistic pictures and I wanted to prove myself that I still could. There was a time when I was almost obsessed with realistic drawing. So much that I would beg my friends to pose for me (sometimes for hours!) so I could practice.

Zentangle hair inspiration

What inspired me to draw “Naked Mane” was my fascination with femininity and all things female. The female body is full of harmony, in my opinion, and it radiates beauty. So I challenged myself to draw a realistic female figure. At the same time, I wanted to incorporate some zentangle patterns. Like in “GirlStar”, I thought that using zentangles to draw the hair would provide an interesting effect. In fact, I am quite pleased with the contrast. In my opinion, I achieved a nice balance between the realism found in the body and the doodle nature of the hair and the face. And that would be my next challenge: re-learning to draw realistic facial features.

Drawing supplies

I created “Naked Mane” using my beloved Pigma pens, which turn out to be fantastic for drawing zentangle hair. I also used a soft pencil for shading, and a medium pencil to emphasize some lines. Instead of using regular sketching or drawing paper, I opted for pink construction paper.

As you know by now if you’ve been following my posts, I LOVE recycling. One of my personal challenges is to reduce my carbon footprint, so I try to recycle, upcycle, and repurpose as much as I can. And since I had this piece of construction paper left from some other project, I thought it would be a good idea to reuse it for my little zentangle hair experiment.