Underwater: Drawings inspired by Yellena prints

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Some of the ideas that I get for my drawings start out as pure admiration for other artists. I am a member of the Phoenix Art Museum and I try to go regularly, both to enjoy art, and to get inspired. But I don’t seek inspiration in museums only. On the contrary, I often find myself being inspired by my surroundings and by things I come across online.

“Underwater” is one of those drawings. I had recently discovered a print artist on etsy, and I loved her aesthetics so much that I tried to recreate one of her prints.

To create this drawing I used a variety of drawing supplies: gel pens, metallic sharpies, watercolor pencils, Prismacolor pencils, and Pigma Micron pens by Sakura on sketch paper.


I found this print by Yellena on Etsy, and I fell in love with the style immediately. It reminds me of the prints made by Liberty, which I love. The shapes, the colors, the composition… I just loved everything about this print and I will be purchasing Yellena’s art in the future for sure!

Now, I have no idea how to make prints, but I can draw. At first, I wanted to just recreate the print in one of my drawings, but as I was working on it, I found myself adding my own touches here and there.

Even though the drawing is VERY similar to the print, which was my original intention, it also has a little bit of BellaV in it.

Underwater drawings

I truly admire the artist that created the original print, I find her prints very inspiring and I am glad I came across her art. The main reason why Yellena’s prints are so appealing to me is because they remind me of underwater worlds with a touch of surrealism, which is a theme that seems to surface a lot in my original drawings, like this zentangle.

Leave a comment, and share your art too!


Sunsets: a color zentangle

color zentangle, doodle art

Even though I really like black and white doodles and zentangles, I like drawing color zentangles and doodles a lot too! Adding color to your doodle and zentangle art is fun and easy.

Doodling, coloring, and drawing are some of my favorites pastimes. So whenever I have some free time, I doodle something somewhere, even if it’s on a tiny dictionary page.

Motif-ation: a color zentangle with a purpose

My doodles and drawings are a mixture of improvised zentangles and carefully sketched and planned drawings. Some are a combination of both using different techniques and zentangle patterns. And, sometimes, I simply draw to practice a new technique, design, or motif.

These practice drawings, in general, are not really worth posting. Most of them are messy and I usually draw them in tiny pieces of paper that I want to recycle later on. Sometimes I just don’t like how they turn out. Of all my pastimes, drawing is the one that brings me the most satisfactions, but also the most headaches. I guess that’s what happens when you are a perfectionist.

Sunsets”, however, is different. It started as a practice drawing because I wanted to experiment blending colors and creating depth. But when I was done with it, I was quite pleased. It’s by no means one of my best, but it is one of my best practice drawings and my first color zentangle where I try blending colors.

Drawing supplies

As it is usually the case when I practice some new technique or design, I go crazy with the amount of supplies that I use.
For example, I used a fine point sharpie to draw lines and contours. And for coloring, I tried a mix of gel pens and metallic sharpies. But the most exciting part for me was the color blending part. I used watercolor pencils that I already had, and my new soft color pencils for shading and blending.

The old pocket dictionary page was the perfect choice for me to practice. On the one hand, I got the repurpose some paper. Most importantly, due to the small dimensions of the paper, I had to really focus on what I wanted to practice the most.