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For the love of crafts

My love for crafts almost reaches sewing-levels. Even though sewing may be my favorite hobby of all times, crafting and all things do-it-yourself follow closely. I love creating thoughtful, diy gifts that let me recycle, repurpose, and upcycle my household items. I find it very relaxing, and my friends and family get to receive something unique. That’s what’s nice about homemade gifts; you really can tailor it to fit each and every preference or taste.

My crafts

All my diy projects contain detailed instructions, that way you can easily recreate them yourself. I enjoy making all kinds of things, from homemade gifts to inexpensive home decor items that will add personality to your home. Sometimes I make garden decor and backyard art, but not very often. And lately I’ve been interested in crafting wedding and party favors for some reason (expect a post soon). My friends and family are always looking forward to my homemade crafts. And I’d like to think it is because, most of the time, they wouldn’t even guess they are made using stuff from my kitchen. That’s one of the things I always try to achieve with my crafts: that polished finished that makes people wonder if it’s a homemade gift or store-bought.

Every post has lots of pictures to help you learn how you can recycle all those plastic containers, wine bottles, mason jars, and more. It all seems like junk that you can put in your recycling bin, but you would be surprised of home many beautiful new uses you can find to most items.

Most of my crafts are also kid-friendly, because I do not like working with toxic materials. Whenever possible, I try to find the most environmentally-friendly alternative for a glue, or a solvent. But if it doesn’t exist, then I’m happy to restrict myself to non-toxic ingredients and materials. I would say I am successfully most of the time. Here you will be able to find tons of crafts to do with kids. So you can enjoy some quality time with your little ones while working on fun diy projects for their bedrooms, or maybe gifts for their friends and teachers.