Create cool and stylish diy home decor items using stuff from your kitchen

You can make your own diy home decor items with a little bit of imagination, and a few things that you may already have at home.

This tutorial, for example, is perfect to make with friends. And it is so easy to put together it’s almost embarrassing. But it looks cute, it’s very inexpensive, and super quick to make.

If you want to learn how to make your own, keep on reading.


diy home decor items, cool home decor
  • A clean glass jar
  • Krylon’s mirror glass spray paint
  • Twine

Tutorial: DIY home decor items for less

diy home decor items, cool home decor

1. First, spray the inside of the jar with the spray paint.

If you want to, you can use gloves to prevent the paint from staining your hands (I didn’t and I ended up with a nice metallic hue on my fingertips).

Make sure to apply as many coats as needed to cover the entire inside uniformly. This part can be a bit tedious because you will have to turn the jar continuously until the paint dries.

Do not worry too much if your jar does not appear to be covered uniformly at first; with enough coats you will eventually achieve the mirror finish that you want.

Make sure that you only spray the INSIDE of the jar, otherwise your vase won’t have a “mirror” finish, but rather a more matte silvery finish (feel free to experiment, you may love what you end up crafting).

2. Next, let your jar dry fully. You can place the jar upside down on a utility sink that you don’t mind ruining with paint, or somewhere that you can clean afterwards.

Finishing touches

I decided to go with a rustic feeling for this diy centerpiece. If you also want to achieve that popular rustic look in your home decor items, then twine and burlap are your best friends.

I wrapped some twine around the top of the jar; and, to bring a delicate touch to the the project, I placed some white fake flowers that I made with tissue paper (post coming soon! I am not all that satisfied with the way the look, so I need to experiment some more until I craft something I love).

What is going to make for a nice home decor centerpiece is how you style your mirror vase. For example, I wanted a monochromatic look, so I placed my mirror vase on a silver trey that I had around the house. Mine was a thrift store find; I always find it very easy to find silver metal serving trays at thrift stores.

Then, I paired my mirror vase with a recycled wine bottle in a similar color palette. I also made sure to tie it in with the mirror vase by using the same twine on both items. Finally, I placed a silver owl that I also had at home. Since it’s in the same color palette as the mirror vase and the tray, it works.

Some other options that you may want to explore include putting a white candle on the wine bottle. And you can also coordinate the flowers and the candle using whichever colors you like best.

To finish with a nice, delicate touch, you can place pearls, crystals, petals, feathers, or a combination of any of these items on the tray, either in white, or using whichever colors you like. The nice thing about silver being a neutral color is that it coordinates quite well with most colors.

I hope you like it! Feel free to leave a comment; let me know how you make your own diy home decor items.

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