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I made this diy cactus pincushion a while ago after discovering this wonderful arts and crafts site, and I was so happy with how it turned out that I decided to make a new one. But this time I wanted to make a diy home decor item for one of my friends. I also wanted something that had an industrial feeling to it, hence the silver spray paint and the black yarn.

If you like it, you can make your own by following the instructions below.


diy home decor | homemade gifts | cactus pincushion tutorial
  • Yarn in two contrasting colors
  • Knitting needles (check your gauge)
  • Darning or yarn needle
  • Polyester fiber fill
  • Pins (not pictured)
  • Small clay pot and plate
  • Spray paint
  • Lace
  • Fabric glue
  • Hot glue (not pictured)


1. Cast on enough stitches to knit a square that would fit inside the small clay pot in the following pattern:

ROW 1: k1, p1 till the end.

ROW 2: purl the knit stitches, and knit the purl stitches. Repeat these two rows until you achieve whichever length will fit your flower pot best.

This first knitted rectangle will be the base of your cactus, and you will be sewing the first section onto it.

2. Next, cast off and make a ball by joining the four corners together and filling it in with fiber fill.

3. Now, you can knit several rectangles of different sizes following the same pattern.

Cast off each rectangle and sew the longer sides together to create a cylinder.

diy home decor | homemade gifts | cactus pincushion tutorial

diy home decor | homemade gifts | cactus pincushion tutorial

4. Next, fill in each cylinder with fiber fill and attach the longest, thickest one to the base of the cactus. This will be your “trunk”.

Now you can sew the rest of the cylinders to the trunk of your diy home decor cactus. You can also attach different segments to other sections to create ramifications and interesting shapes.

5. And now, it’s time add some flowers to your diy project.


1. First, check your gauge and select the appropriate crochet hook. Then, use the magic loop method to begin and knit 6sc in the loop.

2. Now, make 2 dbc and 1 slc in EACH of the 6 stitches. When you are done, fasten off.

3. Last, sew your flowers to your cactus.

Finishing touches

All you have left to do now to finish your diy home decor item is simple and fast!

1. First, glue the clay pot to the plate using a hot glue gun.

2. Next, spray paint the outside of the pot, making sure you get the inside of the plate. Wait until it’s completely dry; but don’t worry, it shouldn’t take long. The nice thing about spray paint is that it dries fairly quickly.

3. Once your flower pot is dry, you can glue your cactus to it using the hot glue gun.

4. Your new awesome cactus is now ready to get some pins in place.

5. Finally, you can glue a small piece of lace to the rim using fabric glue. And you are all done!

Enjoy your new cactus pincushion, or gift it to someone you care about! Don’t forget to leave a comment, let me know how your projects turn out!

diy home decor | homemade gifts | cactus pincushion tutorial

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