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I like searching for new doodle art ideas sometimes. I had recently seen a drawing that used negative space to create the image. And so I tried the technique in a small section of Dunes. Since I loved the end result, I decided to create a whole drawing using negative space.

Trying out some new doodle art ideas

When I designed this drawing, I was working on a couple of other projects. But I had some free time, and my hands were itching to embark on a new design, especially after having seen some doodles using negative space. I also wanted to do a black and white drawing, so I used a black pen. Also, I decided to use one of the old book pages because I thought it would add some interest to the design.


What inspired me the most for this drawing was water. I soon realized that this technique would be perfect to represent how water ripples and moves. This helps create some dynamism in my drawing, while adding dimension and interest.

And then there is the lady. I have always been fascinating by mythological stories that talk about water nymphs and fairies. In fact, one of the most popular mythological beings from my native culture is a water nymph.

Water nymphs

I am from northern Spain, where we defy every single stereotype that you may have about the country. For example, we have regional traditions and legends that are different from others found in Spain. Our traditional musical instrument is the bagpipe. And that is why our traditional music sounds “Irish”, even though there are differences. Also, it rains a lot, a whole lot (imagine Portland or Seattle), and it’s very green and luscious.

In any case, these water nymphs are called “Xanes” (also “Xanas”), and they are beautiful water beings that guard enchanted treasures. Since I wanted to pay homage to my Asturian roots, which is why I chose to draw a female figure emerging from the waters.

Leave a comment and let me know where you get your doodle art ideas from 😀


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