doodle, doodling, zentangle patterns on hair

Why doodling

I love doodling, zentangles, and drawing in general. Drawing and doodling is not only fun, it’s actually good for your brain. A lot of studies show that drawing doodles improves your cognitive function. So draw a doodle and start reaping the benefits!

Drawing is one of those activities that we embrace fearlessly as children. It was one of my favorites hobbies when I was a kid. I remember spending countless Saturday and Sunday mornings just drawing or coloring. But I always wonder why most of us stop drawing and coloring as we grow up. Nevertheless, the trend seems to be changing because I keep seeing “coloring books for adults” popping up everywhere.

Like most adults who did not pursue a career in fine arts, I stopped drawing when I was growing up. Luckily, I rediscovered it as an adult. This one time I was in a really boring meeting at work. The type of meeting that makes you want to watch paint dry instead. And then, I recalled reading something about how doodling can help you remember information easier than by listening alone. So I started doodling, and I never stopped. Mostly because I like it, I really don’t care about the benefits. It gives me pleasure.

My doodles

I draw and doodle all kinds of things, from carefully planned zentangle patterns, to improvised designs. Some of my drawings are black and white, but I also like to use color in some of my doodles. Other times, I doodle using pages of old books that I find. That way, I get to have fun doodling while I recycle paper. In general, each post includes a detailed description of the materials and medium employed to create each piece and what inspired me.

Don’t be afraid and start doodling in your free time. You can create cheap, yet stylish, home decor items. You also get to recycle or repurpose some paper while improving your brain functions and fostering your creativity.