A rattle is the perfect homemade gift for a baby

This homemade gift was one of the most satisfying toys that I have ever made. It was my first time making a rattle and I really enjoyed it! I also love that the finished product looks so good. My baby nephew loves it, and the best part is that it cost me exactly $0 because I had everything I needed at home already.

If you want to make your own, keep on reading!


  • Scrap yarn in yellow, black, and white.
  • A crochet hook (size will vary depending on your yarn, check how to calculate your gauge)
  • Red thread
  • A knitting or darning needle
  • Fiber fill
  • Uncooked rice
  • A ping-pong ball or some small, hollow plastic object (I used this little kid toy that I found at home)


homemade gift for baby, diy crochet rattle
homemade gift for baby, diy crochet rattle tutorial
homemade gift for baby, diy rattler, diy toy

1. First, you are going to fill your plastic, hollow item with rice. If you are using a ping-pong ball, you’ll have to drill a hole in it so you can put the rice inside. Then, seal in the rice using duct tape and set aside. You’ll need it later to fill in the body of the bee.

**Make sure you seal the rice very well to avoid choking hazards!

This will be inside the body of the bee.

2. Then, crochet the bee following the instructions in this crochet pattern.

I modified the original pattern a little bit because I didn’t like the thick, black stripe. Instead, I crocheted alternate rows using yellow and black yarn. Also, I decided to stitch the eyes with black yarn instead of sewing beads because I didn’t want my nephew to choke accidentally.

**Make sure to avoid working with small objects that a baby can accidentally choke on or stick in his/her nose or ears.

3. Last, fill the bee’s head with fabric fill, and place the plastic object full of rice inside the body of the bee. Alternatively, you could place the plastic object in the head of the bee, and use the fabric fill for the body. I decided to use mine for the body because the shape fit the body perfectly.

4. Finally, stitch the bottom of the bee, and you are all done!

I hope you like! Leave a comment and let me know how yours turns out 😀



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