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Crochet and knitting

Crochet and knitting are some of my favorites hobbies. And I think it is because my grandma passed it down to me when I was a child. I remember that I picked up crochet quite fast. But learning to knit took a little bit longer. As the only left-handed person in my family at the time I had to learn the “right way.” 🙂

Learning how to knit

Learning how to knit with my right hand was frustrating, to say the least. But I’d like to think it taught me some patience. Besides patience, I also learned to use my right hand much more skillfully than your regular lefty! Knitting and crochet are more than a simply hobby to me. They are almost an obsession. There is something very relaxing about shaping thread into beautiful garments and crafts. I can happily spend my days counting rows and stitches while listening to some relaxing music.

What I knit and crochet

I make most of my items from scratch; and they include a mix of original designs and patterns that I find online, in books, or in magazines.Most of my original designs include detailed instructions. So, if you like the pattern, you can do-it-yourself. If I make something using a pattern that I found online, in a magazine, or in a book, I always include the link to the pattern. However, not everything is always online. Sometimes I find really cool patterns in old vintage magazines and books. If there is no online version available, then I list the publication where I found the pattern. Maybe you are lucky and your local library has a copy. Sometimes I post tutorials so you can learn to knit and crochet. In my opinion, crochet it is much easier than knitting (and faster too!). On occasion, I post useful tips to help you achieve a professional, tailored look. For example, you will find information on how to check gauge, or how to choose yarn. You will be making beautiful knitted and crocheted clothes and accessories in no time!