Cool upcycling ideas to recycle common household items

Most of my upcycling ideas start because I need something, or because I want to make something.

I had recently noticed a few birds flying around one of the trees in my front yard, which gave me an idea to upcycle a few things. And so I headed to my kitchen to see what I could use to craft a bird feeder.

This bird feeder is super easy to make, it is kid friendly, and you don’t need any tools! It’s also really nice that you can reuse some things that would have probably ended up either in the landfill or in the recycling plant. Upcycling those items gives you a better option instead!

upcycling ideas, diy bird feeder
upcycling ideas, diy bird feeder

Materials: upcycling fun!

This is what you need if you want to make your own bird feeder (it’s so simple!).

upcycling ideas, diy bird feeder
  • The first item that you will be upcycling is a clean, empty glass jar (mine was full of yummy grape jelly)
  • The second thing that you could upcycle is a wooden spoon (or something straight to attach to the jar for the birds to use as a perch)
  • Twine
  • Scotch tape (not pictured)
  • Bird food (not pictured)


upcycling ideas, diy bird feeder

1. First, attach the wooden spoon to the jar using scotch tape. Doing this will help hold the spoon in place while you work on your bird feeder. This makes things much easier! Also, if your spoon has an indentation, then you should make sure it is facing upwards. That way you can place some bird food to start attracting birds intitally.

2. Then, attach a small string of twine to the opposite side of the jar also using scotch tape. You only need about 10 inches or so. And don’t worry about using duct tape or anything sturdier because you’ll be securing both the spoon and the string with more twine.

3. Next, wrap twine or rope around the jar. You should make sure to cover the handle of the spoon as well as the ends of the string of twine.

And you are all done! Now you can hand it from a tree or your porch. But wherever you put it, make sure it’s in the shade, birds tend to prefer it that way.

Fill if with bird food and enjoy your newly upcycled bird feeder that cost near to nothing 🙂

Leave a comment, let me know where you get your upcycling ideas. Have fun and craft away!

upcycling ideas, diy bird feeder
upcycling ideas, diy bird feeder

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I also made it using things from my kitchen!

2 thoughts on “Upcycling ideas: Bird feeder

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  2. So genius!!! The birds love this “al natural” feeder! It didn’t take them long to learn to trust bellaV’s brilliant little woven home to even the bigger birds who tilt the feeder as the perch proudly, overlooking the neighborhood! #loveIt!!

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