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One of my favorite hobbies, zentangle art, has become really popular lately. However, this is not all that surprising: many studies show that drawing zentangles benefits cognitive functioning.

What zentangle art does to the brain

As many studies show, zentangle art improves concentration and increases productivity. But that is not all, drawing zentangles can also foster your creativity. In addition, zentangle art helps you remember and retain information better than just listening alone. And these are just a few of the benefits.

But not all zentangles are created equal. To reap maximum cognitive benefits, your zentangle needs to have certain characteristics.

According to what I’ve read, and I don’t claim to be an expert by any means, “Zip” is a good example of zentangle art for a couple of reasons.

Unlike drawing and doodling, zentangles are usually improvised designs that show a repetition of patterns, like lines, dots, shells, etc. Drawing, on the other hand, usually involves a lot of planning, sketching, and preliminary steps. And then there is doodling. Doodling is similar to zentangle art because it is unplanned. But there can be an important difference between the two: doodles do not necessarily show the same pattern repetition that we can see in zentangles.

“Zip”, then, is a completely improvised zentangle that I drew on a page from an old book. I used a black ink pen and my new color gel pens that I wanted to use. I know, I posted “Candy Flower” before “Zip”, but I actually drew “Zip” before “Candy Flower”. Up until that point I had only used black ink for my doodles, and I really wanted to start incorporating some color into my designs.

The inspiration

Even though “Zip” is an improvised zentangle, I still wanted to capture the mundane, the daily routines and activities that surrounded me during my vacation in Spain. For example, I remember going to the beach with my family and picking seashells, which you can see in the drawing. I can also recognize glimpses of my grandma’s garden here and there.

Zip it

I chose¬†“Zip” because my dad said that the middle part of the zentangle kind of looks like a busted zipper. I really like that metaphor because that is exactly how I feel every time I visit. My heart is always so full of joy and happiness that it almost wants to burst out my chest.


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