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Improvised zentangle drawings

Sometimes I like to create completely improvised zentangle drawings. “Leafeye” is a good example of this. Even though I was terrified at first (I am such a planner!), I let my black pen fill that piece of paper without planning or thinking much.

Why improvised zentangles

I drew this zentangle because I needed inspiration. Sadly, I was stuck in a different series of zentangle drawings that I was working on. Also, I had the horrible feeling that I would never have a good idea for a doodle again. But I had recently read about how doodling boosts your creativity, so I decided to give it a try.

And just like that, one day I started drawing things that looked appealing to me. Without a plan or sketches, just hand on paper and more or less thoughtless drawing. Slowly, “Leafeye” came into existence.

Even though I was just playing with the design, I found myself adding different patterns and motifs here and there. And soon I had a fairly harmonious and well-balanced zentangle. Sometimes it’s good to let your imagination flow and your hand fly freely.

The name

Like a game of finding shapes in the clouds, I named this drawing after the first two motifs that caught my attention. The first one was the round shape near the top left corner, it looks like an eye to me. And the second one are the leaves right below the eye-looking shape. Well I never claimed to be creative naming things…

If you stick around, you’ll see that my zentangle drawings are much more interesting than the titles. But lame title or not, I’m pretty happy with my drawing. It was one of my first ones, and I’d like to think I’ve gotten better 🙂



3 thoughts on “Zentangle drawings: Leafeye

    • It’s interesting how you can get so many different levels just by overlapping some patterns. You should try it if you have time, it helps me relax.

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