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Draw a zentangle flower

I’ve been in love with doodle art, tangles, and zentangles since I re-discovered them. If I had to choose some favorites from my drawings, “Candy Flower”, together with “GirlStar”, would be among them.


I drew this zentangle flower because I was dying to play with my new gel pens. Besides gel pens, I used ink pens and a metallic sharpie on an old book page from a damaged book that I found once.


I¬†designed “Candy Flower” when I was visiting my family in Spain last summer. My niece and nephew were spending time with me and parents, and there was candy pretty much all over the house. So candy was part of the inspiration for “Candy Flower”. Actually, it was the happy times spent with my niece and nephew, eating candy and drawing all together that inspired me. I wanted to capture the joy and the playfulness of those moments,

The other thing that inspired me was my grandma and her love of gardening. My grandma was my main caretaker when my parents were at work. I remember that her house was always full of flowers and plants. She used to live in a tiny apartment in the city where I grew up, so all of her plants were confined to flower pots. But the size of that tiny apartment never stopped her from finding a new spot for her newest acquisition.

Now she’s too old to live by herself, so she moved in with my parents. She is the happiest girl in the world because my parents live in a house with a nice garden. She has so much space to grow plants that she knows what to do with! Since then, my parent’s house is always full of beautiful flowers from their garden, filling the summer nights with their fragrance.

And that’s how “Candy Flower” was born: the result of summer days filled with candy, and nights scented by my grandma’s flowers.

Creating doodle art is already relaxing, but when there is candy and flowers, it’s even better!

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