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I love drawing zentangle flowers because they are easy, and you can create really intricate patterns with a very basic flower outline.

“Zentangle flowers in red” is a drawing that incorporates different zentangle patterns. This is one of my most ambitious zentangles and my mom’s favorite.

I designed “Zentangle flowers in red” because I wanted to start incorporating color into my doodles. For these zentangle flowers I used a red sharpie and a black ink pen on acid free, heavy weight, vellum paper (Strathmore Bristol vellum, to be precise).

Drawing “Zentangle flowers in red

I say that “Zentangle flowers in red” was one of my most ambitious drawings for several reasons. As I said, I wanted to start incorporating some color into my doodles. I really like black and white designs, but I had started seeing doodles that used color to achieve different effects. For example, I saw designs that used color to emphasize specific motifs in a design. On the other hand, I saw drawings that did the opposite: the artists used color throughout the composition with the exception of those patterns that constituted the focal point of the design.

I used color in my drawing to bring attention to the main figures in my doodle. And I used zentangle patterns to create dimension and for shading.


When I was thinking about drawing something like “Red Flowers”, I searched for inspiration in one of my favorite artists: Georgia O’Keefe, and one of my favorite print designers: Liberty of London’s.

I have always loved Georgia O’Keefe and I find her art to be very delicate and feminine, but also very powerful. And these are some of the qualities that I wanted my drawing to convey.

And then there are the lovely prints of Liberty of London’s, which, in my opinion, are very zentangle-like. Somehow, Liberty prints manage to combine different patterns, shapes, and colors, that one would consider “busy”. However, their print pairings and combinations are always very harmonious and complimentary.

I wanted my drawing to reflect some of these qualities as well, which is why I chose to draw flowers. Flowers are delicate, yet resilient, which is a sign of strength and power. This idea of strength is reinforced by the choice of color: red. Finally, I used different zentangle patterns and a combination of strong, thick, powerful lines and soft, delicate motifs and patterns. This brings dimension to the drawing and allows me to express some of the qualities that I mentioned above.

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