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Drawing a zentangle heart

I made this zentangle heart with a gel pen and a metallic sharpie. I used white acid-free paper this time because I needed a break from the old book pages that I had been using.


This zentangle heart is very special to me because I made it for my girlfriend. I wanted to illustrate what our love means to me and how much I appreciate the warmth and light that she brings into our lives. And so the three pieces of inspiration that I wanted to include in my design were our love, her warmth, and the light we bring to each other’s lives. I decided to represent our love with a zentangle heart, so I used it as the focal point of the drawing. But the heart, like our love, wouldn’t exist without what brings us together: a sense of peace, harmony, and unity. Just like the light and the warmth of the sun rays, our love wouldn’t be the same without those qualities. And neither would the heart, vibrant full of life and potential.


The main message that I wanted to convey with this zentangle heart is the sense of unity, peace, and harmony that our relationship brings to each others’ lives. Hopefully this will continue to be the characteristics that define our relationship in the future 🙂

Unlike some of my other doodles, which tend to be more improvisational and free, this zentangle drawing was planned and executed deliberately. I didn’t sketch a lot either, but I definitely had a plan.

“Heart” is one of my favorite drawings so far, and not only because it is very meaningful to me. I am very happy with how it turned out and it serves as inspiration when some of my projects fail.

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