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Drawing zentangle Lexis

I drew this zentangle that I named “Lexis” during a family vacation in Mexico. “Lexis” is very special to me for several reasons. On the one hand, it was one of the drawings where I decided to try and create something completely unplanned. But most importantly, I drew it for my oldest niece, Lexis, who was 11 at the time. She not only inspired me to try something that, up until then, was somewhat unnerving (I am a planner, I rarely ever improvise). She also helped me realize that I don’t necessarily have to make something “perfect” every time. There is beauty in everything if you know how to look for it.


Several things inspired me to draw “Lexis.”  First, my niece, obviously. I think it was her thoughtfulness and maturity, in spite of her young age, as well as her understanding of the world that influenced me to draw what looks like the universe, or, at the very least, outer space. She is a very special child, definitely wise beyond her age.

One of the other things that definitely inspired my zentangle was the beach. The beautiful Mexican beach that I got to enjoy for a full week. I’d like to think that the circle in the middle is a representation of the beach. There are some motiffs that look like palm trees to me, with the sun in the center of the circle and the sand and the ocean nearby.

Zentangle suns

If I had to choose an overall theme for “Lexis”, it would be the different suns that seem to appear in my drawing. Not only do they represent our time at the beach, taking long strolls and swimming after. All of the different suns in the drawing are the perfect embodiment of my niece’s spirit and disposition. Like a golden child, she radiates light and optimism in spite of the hardships that she had to endure at such young age. But it is ultimately her radiant personality and brightness that I were captured in my drawing.


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