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“Emily” is a semi-planned zentangle pattern that I drew using a black pen on white acid-free paper.

“Space shells” zentangle pattern

I was working on “Lexis” when I came across a zentangle pattern that I really liked on Pinterest. I don’t remember if the design had a name, but I call it “space shells”. In my opinion, the little design looks like a shell with a little window into outer space. I am referring to the rectangles with the circles inside. For some reason, the design speaks to me, and I really wanted to incorporate it into one of my zentangles.

For this reason, I say that “Emily” is a semi-improvised zentangle. Since I was planning on using the space shells, I can’t claim that I had no idea what I was going to draw. The rest of the doodle, however, is completely improvised.

Why “Emily”

I chose “Emily” for my zentangle pattern because I made it for a girl whose name is Emily (yeah, I know, super creative, lol). Emily is one of my niece’s friends and she was on vacation in Mexico with us. Like my niece, she is a very special person whose spirit I wanted to capture in my drawing.


Several things served as inspiration for “Emily”. First, there is the zentangle pattern that I saw on Pinterest. Like I said, the design makes me think of shells with windows into outer space, which is one of the overarching themes that you can find in my drawings. I like to create what I call “mini universes” in my drawings, so stars, planets, and an overlapping of different worlds are some of the most prevalent images in my art.

Then there is my beloved beach, which inspired the bottom half of the drawing together with the space shells. And, finally, the ocean inspired the top half of the drawing. I can almost see a tidal wave curling over the shells while leaving behind all kinds of sea life on the shore.

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