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Hair zentangle patterns

“GirlStar” incorporates different zentangle patterns to add dimension and interest. This drawing is definitely is one of my favorites so far, and I really want to make a t-shirt with it, or a bag, or both!

I drew “GirlStar” with a black ink pen (I really like Pigma Micron by Sakura of America), my lovely gel pens, and a metallic sharpie. I decided to use one of the old book pages because I wanted to convey a combination of a couple of artistic styles.

Pop art and doodles

When I designed “GirlStar” I wanted to achieve a Jordi Labanda type of aesthetics, with clean, defined lines. I was very interested in incorporating a graphic quality to my drawing. In addition, I was trying to pay homage to one of my favorite art movements from the 20th Century: the Pop Art Movement. I know it’s just a very subtle nod, but it’s there. Finally, I wanted to use different zentangle patterns because I really like some of the contrast that you can introduce in your drawings.

Zentangle hair

For example, the hair acquires a new dimension thanks to the combination of different zentangle patterns. These patterns create a contrast with the simple lines used to draw the girl’s face. Similarly, the stars that appear on the top right corner echo some of the patterns found in the hair, as well as her eyes. In my opinion, this brings the different components of the drawing together and creates and nice balance of light and dark, clean, simple lines, and busy zentangle patterns that repeat incessantly.

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